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auf die chancen im leben

"I think one of the greatest problems in our society is how quick we are to judge others.

A car cuts in and races away, “piece of sh*t” we think. But what if he is rushing home because his wife’s in labour? His actions are not out of selfish inconsideration but out of the instinct to care and love. Or we see someone having an argument with a staff member over something petty and we think badly of them, but perhaps they’ve just lost their job and they’re terrified for the future.

The truth is we cannot fully know what’s going on. Yet we seek to condemn not understand.

to be human is

When dating people are so quick to say “they’re not for me, on to the next” but perhaps in those early stages they’re just nervous or had a stressful work week, maybe it’s the first time they’ve been intimate since having their heart broken. There’s countless reasons why someone may not be fully relaxed and the best version of themselves, but we don’t have the grace to allow people the space to be imperfect. We demand flawlessness instantly. The seeming endless availability of another option creates the paradigm of choice, that leads us to reject someone at the smallest hint of something we may not like. But that’s insane, no one is perfect. To be human is to be imperfect.

to be imperfect

Yet we dismiss and discard people with shocking ease. But you cannot know someone in a few minutes, hours or days, we are wonderfully complex beings that take time to unfold.

I can’t help but think how many beautiful relationships may have blossomed if we just had a little more patience. How much love has been lost because we didn’t give it time to grow?

There are many things in the world right now that need improving and a lot of the solutions can be complex and overwhelming. But something we can each do, right now, is make the effort to see each other with more patience and kindness.

So instead of being judgmental and forming opinions quickly, what if we just didn’t? What if we look for understanding and compassion and give people the time to naturally reveal who they are." - Peter Gadiot

mitgefühl und verständnis

Warum ich dieses Zitat gerade jetzt an den Weihnachtsfeiertagen teile? Denn genau in diesen Tagen sind viele Menschen traurig einsam oder überfordert in Gesellschaft.

Ich wurde heute morgen in meiner X-MAS Yogastunde gefragt, warum ich denn heute eigentlich noch Yogastunden gebe. Genau für diese genannten Menschen, denn mein Wunsch ist es, dass niemand sich an solch großen Feiertagen einsam oder überfordert fühlt. Und ich glaube fest daran, dass ein bisschen mehr Mitgefühl und Verständnis diese Welt zu einem noch schöneren Ort machen können. Und es wäre so wertvoll, wenn wir anderen Menschen einfach mehr Zeit und Raum und vor allem eine Chance geben. Eine Chance auch wenn sie mal Fehler machen. Eine Chance auch wenn nicht immer alles nach Plan läuft. Eine Chance wirklich zu vertrauen und aufzublühen. Und oft haben Chancen schon zu sehr großem Glück geführt.

happy holidays! - jasmin


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