Die Villa | La Storia 

Wir haben uns von Fabio etwas zur Geschichte des Hauses erzählen lassen: 

»The Borgo was built around 1500 from the Cecchi family, an aristocratic family of the time. It used to be their main residence before they decided to move to Florence and continue their lives there. The Cecchi family is now known for their wines (Famiglia Cecchi) and they have a beautiful vineyards in Chianti. 


The Big Cecchi estate was split into smaller Villas who were sold separately. My family bought the biggest portion of the Borgo around 1910 and it used to be their main residence. 


Our Property is a combination of the main Villa, the Annex (who used to be the stables and farmers quarters in the past) and the Poggione, who’s the hilly land where we set the Fun House and the olive groves going down to the base of the hill. 


During the Second World War we offer shelter to everyone in the village of Cevoli thanks to a Grotto well hidden in the Poggione. There used to be a tunnel going from the Grotto to the main Villa so that when there were no bombing or fascists around everyone could use our kitchen and bathrooms before going back into hiding again. War are terrible times to live and thanks to this escamotage it was possible for everyone to have a more bearable living. 


After the Second World War everything went back to “normal”. The Borgo went under a complete renovation a few years ago - with the private bathrooms,   the attic, the elevator and the arched room - our great room, who has been perfect for our parties. New years eves during my high school years were really something to remember (maybe we can keep this among ourselves ahah!). 


We also renovated the first floor and set the beautiful glass doors leading to the sunny terrace made by the same company who did the Pyramid du Louvre in ParisLast, we built the Jacuzzi in the Poggione. 


After all the renovations my Grandmothers came back to the Borgo and lived here for a while to enjoy the beautiful renovation work. Now they moved out - so it’s our first year renting the whole Borgo and we all hope you’ll have a great time here.«


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